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New Wickchella event adds fire to traditional Rockfest

by Olivia Powell - 2016-04-27


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Chadwick’s annual music festival, renamed and rebranded this year as Wickchella, had a successful performance last Friday. The event, previously known as Rockfest, takes place annually each spring and highlights student and faculty performers.

“The idea of calling it Wickchella started as a joke. But after really talking about it, we realized that we should change the name from Rockfest to Wickchella this year because the Rockfest vibe is not present anymore,” said senior Student Council member Lauren Park, who was on the Wickchella Committee.

“The biggest flaw was that the songs weren’t rock-themed. We had all these designs and sets for a rock-band tradition, but no one is really in a rock band any more. Many years ago when this started, there were a lot of rock bands, and calling it Rockfest every year was keeping the tradition. Now, by calling it Wickchella, we can fit the vibe of the songs that are being sung and revamp the system.”

Park, along with fellow senior Kylie Bronchick and junior Celia Myers, worked to make Wickchella more appealing to the students.

This year’s event featured fun Coachella-themed signs, gourmet ice cream sandwiches and custom flash tattoos featuring dolphins and the Wickchella logo designed by Park. Additionally, Wickchella T-shirts were sold in four colors to the school community. Past years have seen sales of water bottles and other merchandise as well, but Park wanted to limit the merchandise in order to save the environment and be more cost-efficient.

Previous Rockfest concerts were under-attended, and Park’s goal was to revamp the event. All of the new “Coachella-like” features were in hopes of convincing students to stay after school and watch their friends perform. Wickchella was planned to be more exciting and to generate more interest and buzz.

“Student Council wanted to get more people excited about the event,” Park said. “I wanted people to think the event was fun and to come watch it. I wanted a turnout that was bigger than other Chadwick events. Half of my job on Student Council is getting things done. Success is if people are willing to stay after school.”

Wickchella featured a variety of student and faculty acts, including a special guest performance by Upper School Dean of Students Lauren White, with sophomore Natalie Bogart playing guitar and singing, sophomore Kaiden Doody singing, and senior Ryan Browning beatboxing.

“Despite the fact that I was so nervous I thought my heart was going to leap out of my body, I had a blast,” White said. “I feel so grateful to have been able to perform with such incredibly talented students.”

Browning was happy to have the opportunity to perform with multiple groups and other singers for Wickchella, including White.

“Wickchella was probably the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, because it felt like I was an actual superstar. I also got to beatbox and perform with Mrs. White, which was the best. Wickchella was extra lit for me because I got to perform with her,” Browning said.

“Wickchella was incredibly fun, my band and I were all excited when rehearsing and deciding which songs to do and how to make them our own,” senior Duval Courteau said.

“Wichchella was a great event and it made us excited to keep playing.”

Courteau performs annually at Wickchella/Rockfest, as well as in many Chadwick musical productions.

This year, she sang three songs with her band Working Title. The band also features sophomore Sam Peri on drums and freshman Tucker Hale on guitar.

“Performing in front of the school for one of the last times was a chance for me to have fun with it and bid my home of 13 years goodbye,” Courteau said.

“Performing is a way of expressing myself, and getting to perform one last time for my friends and family meant the world to me. Wickchella allowed me to say ‘Thank you, I love you and goodbye.’”


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