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Claman leaves a healthy legacy with Wellness Week

by Anthony Kim - 2015-03-19


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Wellness Week took place last week at Chadwick, and according to founder/organizer Allie Claman, the event generated ”overwhelming positive” feedback. The event advocated healthy nutrition, mindfulness and eating disorder awareness.

Claman, a senior, launched the event as a part of her Girl Scout Gold Award project in 2013. After surveying the community, she discovered that about 60% of Chadwick girls who responded showed symptoms of eating disorders...three times the national average. In light of the statistics, Claman began Wellness Week in fall 2013 to help students become more aware of good nutrition and eating disorders.

“This is a pretty prevalent issue at Chadwick,” Claman said.

This year, Wellness Week events included a showcasing of Claman and her friends’ favorite healthful snacks, decorating T-shirts on the main lawn with positive slogans, and screening and discussing the movie Miss Representation, which focuses on body image and media. Along with the help of science teacher Anita Shier, Claman also led yoga on the main lawn and hosted Mental Health Awareness Day with another senior, Zoya Khalil.

Claman was particularly excited for an assembly on Wednesday during G period. Diana Lipson-Burge, a local nutritionist, spoke to the entire Chadwick community at the mandatory assembly highlighting healthy nutrition and wellness. Lipson-Burge serves as a consultant for feature films, so most of her clients are professional athletes, models and actors, which gave her many vivid experiences to share at Chadwick.

“I think she hit the nail right on the head. It was exactly what Chadwick students needed to hear. People seemed really engaged for the most part, and I think she added a nice little dash of humor in there and that caught people’s attention. I thought it was great, and from what I’ve heard, other people did, too,” Claman said.

Prior to this year’s Wellness Week, Claman had a clear goal to preach healthy nutrition by enticing potential participants through her well-organized events.

“Last year, the activities weren’t widely attended. I’ve been planning these activities for a long time, and I hope that people benefited from them,” she said.

Despite the mild shortage in participants from last year’s Wellness Week, Claman was in shock when her activities attracted more students than what she had anticipated.

“Wellness Week has definitely had higher participation than last year. We were almost cleaned out of snacks on Monday, but not quite. On Tuesday, six or seven people brought T-shirts to decorate, and some other people helped out, so it was really cool to have that big crowd,” Claman said.

“It has gotten so much support from students. People have given me positive feedback and were very enthusiastic about participating in all the activities. It was great to feel that Wellness Week was reaching out to the community.”

Regardless of Wellness Week’s success this year, Claman needed to start planning for next year’s event due to her upcoming graduation.

“I’ve talked to Mrs. Nordland about this. I hope to pass it on to Peer Mentors to run. It will possibly have a different focus, but the main goal of the week will be the same, which is to help Chadwick students focus on their mental and physical wellness. I know they’re going to do a great job of carrying it forward,” Claman said.

As a result of her efforts to benefit Chadwick students through healthy nutrition, Claman has successfully impacted the community by preaching healthful eating, and as a part of her legacy, Wellness Week will continue to become a yearly tradition at Chadwick with help from Peer Mentors.



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