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Volume 65 Number 5

Meet Barbara Najar: Chadwick's first communications director

by David Ding - 2015-03-19


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Chadwick welcomes Barbara Najar, who recently began serving as the school’s first executive director of communications and marketing.

Najar brings more than 20 years of experience to the job, having worked at Honda for 14 years. Najar’s job at Honda ranged from leading corporate and diversity advertising to managing market advertising, market campaigns and public relations.

Her marketing skills played a big factor in Honda’s being the highest-selling car among Hispanic families. She also created and produced an award-winning documentary, Dream the Impossible, part of Honda’s “Power of Dreams” series and advertising campaign. This is Najar’s first year in a school setting, though she previously participated in and helped run a program with 100 historically black colleges and universities in a Honda sales event.

“I think Chadwick has a great opportunity to communicate all the good work and all the great experiences that are happening here. They have hired me to help bring that. My expertise is branding, which is communicating the brand essence. I think I have the skills that Chadwick needs,” Najar said.

Najar plans to define the Chadwick brand, or Chadwick’s brand personality. This means using words to define what Chadwick is all about, and promoting those ideas.

“We hear a lot of what’s so great about Chadwick, and everybody says different things,” Najar said.

“What do we stand for? What is the most important part we want to share with the community?”

Najar has just finished an in-depth research project about what Chadwick students think about the Chadwick brand. She asked things such as what students like about Chadwick and what they think Chadwick can improve upon.

“This will bring greater awareness to Chadwick,” Najar said. “There is a whole new skill set corporations are working for, such as teamwork, collaboration and inquisitiveness.

“These are the skills that are really taught by our core values. I want to help get the word out that Chadwick’s education really prepares students for success in life.”



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