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Volume 65 Number 5

Chadwick sends students to spring break trips around the world

by Olivia Powell - 2015-03-19

Chadwick’s annual spring break trips are right around the corner. This year there will be four excursions heading out: a Model United Nations (MUN) trip to China, separate community service trips to Zambia and Nepal, and a theater trip to New York City.

The Model United Nations excursion will leave March 19 and return April 5. Students have a wide variety of activities planned. They kick off their trip by first attending an international conference being held by Harvard MUN in downtown Beijing.

After the first few days, the students will head out for a tour of the Great Wall of China, concluding their spring break by embarking on trips to Shanghai and the province of Guizhou.

In each location, the group will participate in a few tourist activities and perform community service.

The highlight of the Guizhou trip is a four-day trek through the wilderness.

“I can’t wait to be a part of this conference,” junior Harini Shah said.

“It’s probably one of the most unique opportunities I will ever have for a Round Square trip and for MUN at Chadwick.”

The delegates must be careful while traveling during their conference, as there are political issues at play in China.

“We have to be careful because last time Harvard MUN had a conference at Harvard, these Chinese delegates decided to start a fight with some delegates who were representing Taiwan because the two counties have unresolved issues,” Shah said.

“We have to be watchful of how we present ourselves.”

Other Chadwick students will be heading to Zambia for one of Chadwick’s annual community service trips.

The attendees will be performing some unique services for the Zambian farming communities, such as building fences in a conservation effort to keep elephants from eating farmers’ crops and keeping farmers from harming the elephants.

Students will also have the opportunity to view wildlife.

“I am super excited for the camping part of the trip! We are going to a site where there is a bunch of wildlife--monkeys, elephants, giraffes and zebras,” junior Katie Haas said. “And then we are going to see Victoria Falls, which should be really neat.”

Chad Detloff, Director of Global Programs, will be leading students on another community service trip, this one to Nepal.

Students will be building greenhouses, painting and planting, as well as volunteering at the Children’s Village by helping and playing with underprivileged children. This trip will conclude with a trek through the Himalayas.

Another highly anticipated trip over this spring break will be the annual theater excursion to New York City, led by the Chair of the Drama Department, Nigel Williams.

Attendees will get to see four Broadway shows, speak with the cast of one of the productions, attend a workshop with another Broadway cast, and take tours of Grand Central Station and the Brooklyn Bridge.

This will be the third time the New York trip has been offered, after the great success of previous year’s trips.

Shah believes that many other students share her excitement for their spring break excursions.

“I can’t express how elated and unbelievably excited I am to go on this trip,” she said.

“All of the trips Chadwick offers are great opportunities!”



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