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Volume 65 Number 5

French Club bonbon sales helping to educate Rwanda orphan

by David Ding - 2015-03-19


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The Chadwick French Club recently concluded another successful sale of bonbons, the fruit-flavored French candy, during the weeks leading up to spring break.

For the past seven years, the French Club has bought hundreds of packs of bonbons and numerous chocolate bars to be sold on the main deck and in the Middle School Courtyard. For about two weeks, the club sells bonbons for $2 each, chocolate bars for $1 each, and Eiffel Tower fruit snacks for $1 each.

Students can be seen purchasing amounts ranging from a pack of bonbons to a whole box filled with a hundred packs--there is no limit on how many packs students can purchase. The French Club generates about $2,000 in profits from sales every year--more than that of any other student-run club.

Juniors Randy Friedman and Isabelle Garvanne, along with their advisor, French teacher Chantal Wilson, run the French Club and manage these yearly sales. Friedman and Garvanne started the sales when they were in Middle School, in seventh grade. Since then, they have brought the French Club to the Upper School and continued the bonbon sales.

Bonbon sales have not only been successful due to the deliciousness of the candies and their popularity, but also because they can’t be purchased in the United States, since they are manufactured and sold in France.

“The bonbons are made in France, and we order them from a company that disperses foreign candies to schools in the United States. We go through a U.S. company, and they ship them to us from France,” Friedman said.

The bonbon sales not only bring delicious goodies to Chadwick students, they also serve another important purpose.

The French Club has been supporting an orphan who currently lives in Rwanda and whose parents died during the Rwandan Genocide in 1994. So far, the French Club has paid for the child’s undergraduate college education. He is currently attending graduate school, which the bonbon sales have also helped fund.

“People enjoy bonbons and supporting us, so we will continue our support for his education,” Garvanne said.



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