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Volume 65 Number 4

Erika Peterson: Solving the equation for softball success

by Anthony Kim - 2015-02-19


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Chadwick’s new varsity softball coach, Erika Peterson, has a primary goal: Spread the love of the sport to other high-schoolers and, ultimately, create a positive team chemistry and environment where players are having fun.

Peterson was a standout catcher at Irvine High School, compiling a career batting average of .396. She played in order to satisfy her passion for the sport, and for the school spirit.

“It was my favorite sport to play. I love to compete, be a part of a team, and represent my school,” she said.

After graduating from high school, Peterson continued to play softball at Purdue University, where she received a “fantastic education” as a math major and batted .252 as a catcher. Through sheer determination and her love of the sport, Peterson had the opportunity to compete against some of the best college teams in the nation while in the Big Ten Conference at Purdue.

Peterson had plans while in college to become a math teacher. Coaching softball and teaching go hand-in-hand as “the mentor still brings the enthusiasm about what she loves to teach,” Peterson says. “I love to teach math and I love to teach softball!”

Peterson wanted to become a softball coach in order to inspire young players. In 2008, after beginning her coaching career at Avon High School, Peterson began a five-year stint as JV coach at Avon (Ind.) High School, and later for one year as head varsity coach. She applied her own experiences as a softball player to coaching.

With her six years of coaching experience, Peterson hopes to inspire Chadwick’s softball players and create a great team connection and strong bonding as well.

“When playing as a team, you need all the pieces to work together,” she said. “Then you perform better and have more fun.”

Teamwork plays a key role in sports, and Peterson is emphasizing that importance to help Chadwick achieve its goals. With all of her experiences and knowledge of softball, Peterson is determined to help the team achieve success and enjoy the ride along the way.

Still, the question remains: How will Peterson be able to achieve the goals she has set for the team?

“Our coaching staff will work together to develop softball fundamentals while creating a fun, positive environment,” Peterson said. “This means staying loose but focused, and creating a space where players are not afraid to take risks.”



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