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Volume 65 Number 4

My favorite (and underrated) lunch spot

by Sara Platnick - 2015-02-19

During most free periods, seniors (and some rule-breaking juniors and sophomores--yes, we know you do it, and, no, it is not OK) typically flock to the Peninsula Center mall, where students can get $5 coffee or smoothies, cheap (and in my opinion, disgusting) Taco Bell, or a $14 meal from Chicken Maison.

One lunch spot that I find to be highly underutilized, however, is Whole Foods. The reason for that is likely because of the archetype of Whole Foods: the expensive health food store where everybody wears overpriced workout clothes and only eats organic food. And yes, the stereotype is true to an extent.

But there is another side to Whole Foods, one that I think people don’t appreciate: It’s a great lunch spot, and it is not nearly as overpriced as many expect. In fact, it rivals pretty much every other lunch spot in cost.

Additionally, Whole Foods has an amazing diversity of options. You can get gelato, smoothies, pizza, grilled chicken, empanadas, soup, salad and much more. They have a variety of food buffets that provide a bunch of different options to eat.

They also have a salad bar that is four rows long, giving customers a variety of options. And if you’re smart about how you use the salad bar, the price remains fairly low.

My tip for the salad bar is go for the lighter foods. Basically, don’t get yams, beets or strawberries because the weight adds up. Instead, opt for lighter additions like pine nuts or chickpeas.

I never spend more than $5 on bulk foods because I go for lighter options.

If you want something a little less healthy, go for the pizza. They have a nice variety of pizzas, and the prices are very reasonable. They charge $3.50 for one slice, or $6 for two.

And if you want something to drink with your pizza, you can opt for an endless variety of sodas or teas. My personal favorite is the vanilla-flavored dry soda, which is only $1.29.

But if you want other options, they also have stevia sodas, tea and fruit-flavored chia drinks. They even have a seating area, complete with free utensils and water, for when you and your friends want to grab a quick bite to eat.



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