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Volume 65 Number 4

Sustainability Council: Link to Chadwick's Eco-Friendliness

by Alison Sim - 2015-02-19


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The Sustainability Council has made changes to the Chadwick campus, aiming to make the landscape greener in the face of climate change and other effects of global warming.

The student organization, which was created two years ago, hopes to reduce Chadwick’s carbon footprint to increase its sustainability.

This year, the council worked toward helping Chadwick to be more sustainable in many different ways--for example, before the council helped Chadwick transition to the use of paper made from 30% recycled materials, Chadwick used new, non-recycled paper.

“I know that doesn’t sound like much of an improvement, but relative to the amount of paper we use, every little bit counts towards reducing Chadwick’s carbon footprint,” said senior Emma Hill, co-president of Sustainability Council.

According to Hill, the original paper used not only 30% more trees than Chadwick’s current system, but also produced 30% more fossil fuels in the papermaking process.

The paper change was done simply by getting the office administration in charge of ordering the paper on board with the idea and to follow through.

The council also worked diligently to remove the receipts printed in the cafeteria. Originally, after every purchase of a food or drink item, students were required to take a receipt in order to keep track of their purchases.

“Sustainability Council is so happy to have been a part of the removal of cafeteria receipts. We hope the rest of the Chadwick community is just as excited as we are!” Hill said.

The council was concerned with the excessive use and waste of paper. Most students, after receiving their receipts, immediately toss them in the trash.

After many weeks of meetings with Chadwick’s chief financial officer, John Kjenner, along with Katie David from Chadwick’s human resources department, who were both on board from the beginning, the council concluded that the receipts should be optional to take, not mandatory.

Students who needed a record of their purchases would have to ask for a receipt to be printed.

“The decision to give receipts was an answer for some parents who felt their kids were being erroneously charged,” said Andrea Kroening, Dining Center manager.

When the Dining Center was still printing out receipt, the Sustainability Council set out a recycling bin to collect the receipts that the students tossed.

Sophomore Brandon Winner, a member of Sustainability Council and club Doodle4Earth, used many of the receipts to create a large scale Sustainability Council logo, which can be found hanging in the Roessler Rotunda.

“We do have other projects in the works that we’ll be using the receipts for,” Hill said.



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