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Volume 65 Number 4

The Twin-terview: Shooting questions with the Bensons

by Marie Bucklin - 2015-02-19


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Sophomore twins Madison and Nick Benson have made their mark at Chadwick, on and off the basketball court, since arriving as kindergartners. Engaging, funny and athletic, they sat down recently between classes for a chat about their basketball careers, life and the future.

How long have you guys been playing basketball and what positions do you play?

Nick: I’ve been playing since I was about 3 or 4. I’ve been playing center my entire life. It would be better if I started working toward being more of a forward.

Madison: Yeah, three or four years. I’ve played every position.

How do you think the position you play reflects your own personality and strengths?

Nick: For center, it’s like a bigger position and I’m a big guy, I guess. It’s a big position, but you also need to be in control. It translates to my life because it helps to be in control in life, on and off the court.

Madison: You can make an impact from any position, and carry the team. I think that being a reliable player is important in difficult situations. Basketball is a team sport, and if you give your all and try your best, your teammates should be able to depend on you. I am a reliable person on and off the court.

​What are the best parts of your sibling’s game?

Nick: She is really physical, and not afraid of hitting other girls and going up for a basket or taking a charge. And that is something really important in basketball. That’s what helps her be such a great player.

Madison: He can jump up super high, and I’ve always been envious of that. He does not like taking s--- from other players. He won’t let them push him around, so he will push back whether or not he gets a foul. He will protect himself and make his presence known on the court.

Do you guys want to play basketball beyond high school?

Nick: I’ve thought about it before, but I still don’t know what I want to do with my life.

Madison: If I can play basketball in college, then I will play. It is not the end of the world for me if I don’t. I realize that basketball will end eventually, and that I have to explore other interests.

How do you think you have influenced your brother/sister? How has he/she impacted the way you play basketball and your life in general?

Nick: We have helped each other become better basketball players. We used to play each other more when we were on the same teams, and she would play with the boys. She has made me a better person in life because she makes sure I don’t do ‘stupid s---’. She monitors how much dumb stuff I do, and if I do something dumb on or off the court...’OK, shutup!’ She is the first to be on me. She helps me make better decisions.

Madison: In terms of basketball, Nick helps me get better because he is bigger and stronger than I am, so it helps me go against bigger and stronger opponents when I encounter them. I’ll ask him for advice. I try to help him not do stupid stuff when he does not know what he is doing. I think of myself as the logic and reason part of the brain in our relationship, and Nick is more of the academic brain.

From where you were a year ago, how do you think you have improved your games?

Madison: I think I have improved. My ballhandling skills have gotten better. They are still not where I want them to be, but they have gotten better. My shooting form has gotten better. My leadership on the team has increased, and my relationships with my teammates have gotten better. Now they look for me on the court and they trust me.

This season was an especially hard one because we have lost a lot of players due to injury and stuff, and we played with a lt of freshmen. They tried their hardest, but they haven’t played basketball ever, so it was quite frustrating for me at times and I think I have grown in that aspect as a how to tolerate and be patient with my teammates as they go through the learning curve. And Coach Mo [Moniquee Alexander] has helped me and talked me through it about how to not be as mean.

Nick: I think I have definitely improved as a post player from JV last year because this year Steve [Norberg] has coached me and given me advice on what I should do as a player in the post, which includes posting up and boxing out people for rebounds.

I have learned more post skills and how to be a better post player.

Who are your biggest role models in basketball?

Nick: I guess my Dad because he is the one who got me in it in the first place, and he is the one that tries to get me to work as much as possible. He makes me a better player.



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