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Geravis puts her own stamp on soccer

by Marie Bucklin - 2014-12-18


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Chadwick alum, Nicole Gervais, class of 1997, has come back to Chadwick to be the head girl’s soccer coach.

Gervais returned to Chadwick last year to be the assistant girl’s soccer coach and an assistant softball coach for Chadwick School. She is now the head coach for the girl’s varsity soccer team, soccer coach for the middle school girl’s soccer team, and an assistant coach for the varsity softball team.

Gervais graduated from Chadwick in 1997 after attending school here from 6th grade. She then went on to play soccer at Principia College and afterwards she pursued a coaching career. Gervais continued to play recreational soccer up until about a year ago due to time constraints.

Growing up, Gervais played the center back position on her club team. At Chadwick, she played every position except for goalkeeper. At Principia College, she played as a forward until her senior year at which she played her favorite position as a attacking midfielder.

Gervais’s favorite position is attacking midfielder because “you get to be in charge, you get to score a lot, and you get to make great passes for other people to be able to score and assists are my favorite thing. Its great. You don’t have to stand and watch; you get to be involved with everything,” Gervais said.

Gervais has coached for a total of about 18 years. She has coached everywhere on the spectrum from preschool to college. After Gervais graduated college, she went on to coach at her alma mater as an assistant coach for five years. Afterwards, Gervais became the head girl’s soccer coach at Whittier College for five years. She has coached for a total of about 18 years.

Currently, alongside her coaching jobs at Chadwick, Gervais works in the fall as a coach for the El Camino women’s soccer team and has a full time job at Trader Joes.

Gervais is happy to be back to Chadwick. “It is definitely nice to be back, its nice because you know the community and you know how things work,” she said.

Last year, Gervais was the assistant coach to Nate Northup, who coached at Chadwick for two years. As compared to Northup’s program, Gervais looks to make some changes, “I think that Nate and I saw the game very similarly. I think that the only difference would be sometimes how we portray the game is different. Sometimes I deal with things slightly differently. I really want to do more with team bonding and cohesiveness on and off the field. As staff [last year] we didn’t stress about that [bonding and cohesiveness] very much last year. So I want to change that,” Gervais said.

Gervais hopes to implement her own coaching style to Chadwick’s team, “I want everyone to work hard all the time and things to fall into place. I want us to work as a team. Great things happen on the field when you have individual efforts, but that does not mean the game is based upon individual efforts. I like to get everyone involved; I like everyone to play offense and to play defense and just work together. Ultimately it is my favorite thing to do so I want other people to enjoy and love it [soccer] too,” Gervais said.

Athletic Department Director, Tom Goodspeed, is pleased to bring another alum back to Chadwick to coach, “I love that, I look for that. In Nicole’s case she has college playing experience, college coaching experience, and she is a Chadwick graduate, so she knows the ropes here and she knows what it takes to play at that next level. So its perfect,” he said.

“I love her philosophy and I love what she does and I listen and watch her coach and she is positive, constructive, and I think she is amazing.”



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