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Volume 65 Number 3

Ketching up with the Dining Center

by Mainsheet Staff - 2014-12-18


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Chadwick’s dining center, CulinArts, introduced a couple new features to better the experience of the students.

One new feature was the lunch box, which students would order at least a day in notice for them to pick up the next day. In the morning the cafeteria would look at the order and put everything that’s non perishable (water, chips, and fruit) in the box; later they’d make the sandwich and put it in the refrigerator. At around 12:20 P.M., ten minutes before the start of G period, they’d put the sandwich in the bag and drop it off in the Rotunda in Roessler building.

“Unless you specify a special place you want it to be, the dropoff would be done in the Rotunda,” Andrea Ovesen, Chef and Dining Center Manager said.

The Dining Center collaborated with the CPA, Lauren White, Dean of Students, and the IT Department, to work out this new lunch box for students who were in sports and didn’t have time to wait in line.

“We’re definitely trying to give kids a lot more options,” Ovesen said.

Additionally, the cafeteria introduced a ticket system, where students are provided with ticket numbers if they would like a hot food item; the ticket number corresponds to the student’s place in line.

“We found that a lot of kids were complaining that it took so long for the food, and we noticed that students are in line and their friends come and start talking, and all of sudden they are in line, and next thing you know they are buying hot meals, and it’s not fair for the other students,” Ovesen said.

The tickets would help ensure people don’t lose their place in line after waiting for their meal. According to Ovesen, as of now, the tickets will be used only on days where the lines are particularly long, such as Taco Tuesday or the days when pasta is sold.

“We want to make everyone’s experience a good experience,” Ovesen said.

In the holiday spirit, the Dining Center also started selling cookies in the shapes of the Star of David for this Hanukkah season.



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