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Volume 65 Number 3

Wallace's Way: Enjoying good pretzels and drinks at Coffee Tomo

by Charlotte Wallace - 2014-12-18

When I think of winter break what comes to mind are candy canes, Christmas trees, and... coffee shop stops with friends. Going to a coffee shop with friends may not cross your mind when you hear “winter break” but it is something we all do. When it is cold out no one wants to go for ice cream so heading to a coffee shop seems pretty reasonable, right?

But unfortunately, when heading to the coffee shop experiencing the overpriced mediocrity of Starbucks or the stuffy atmosphere and two day old pastries of smaller businesses is almost inevitable. Or at least that is what I thought until I discovered Coffee Tomo.

Coffee Tomo takes “coffee shop” to a whole new level. Located on a cool side street of Santa Monica, along with a bunch of other great food places, Coffee Tomo is anything but boring.

The decor is a cool modern twist on the typical coffee shop and it’s not the slightest bit stuffy! It is always fun to sit at the long wooden table with friends or family.

On to what really matters, the food and drinks are far above the typical coffee shop quality. What Coffee Tomo is best known for is the outstanding pretzels. They are made with a sweet dough and you can choose plain, sweet potato and mozzarella, or red bean and mozzarella.

Normally I would tell you which pretzel is best, but they are all amazing. I do have a secret for your though: if you ask the guy at the counter, and he is in a good mood, he will give you a little bowl of homemade dark chocolate sauce to dip the plain pretzel in.

All the pretzels are baked fresh on an hourly basis. The drinks are just as good as the pretzels. All the beans are roasted at Coffee Tomo.

You cannot go wrong with any of the drinks but the best are the cappuccino and the green tea latte. The espresso comes with a pretty design in the foam and is stirred with a cinnamon stick.

Don’t eat the cinnamon stick; it’s only for stirring. The green tea latte has the perfect balance of sugar, milk, and tea. They would not tell me how they make it, but if you try it, you will never order a green tea latte at Starbucks again.

So over winter break skip the Starbucks and try Coffee Tomo! It’s only eight minutes from the Third Street Promenade so have a cappuccino and a pretzel on your way to doing your Christmas shopping.

Why not take a group of friends to enjoy quality coffee and pretzels that aren’t two days old?



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