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Volume 65 Number 3

Senior Spotlight: Taylor-ing her best Chadwick experiences

by Olivia Powell - 2014-12-18


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Senior Taylor Dillon does a little bit of everything. She is a member and a leader of many clubs, teams, and activities around campus.

“I’m super involved,” she said. “Chadwick provides us with so many amazing opportunities and I try to take all of them. I’m kind of all over the place. It’s hard for me to pick one thing that I do to be my favorite and that I will be remembered for. I love everything that I do.”

The ambitious senior is the leader of Chadwick’s Gay-Straight Alliance, a participant in this year’s productions of Animal Farm and Zorro, a captain of the cheer team, and a member of chorus, concert choir, and Ovations.

Outside of school, Dillon works and performs in the circus arts, especially the silks and trapeze.

“I think it’s something that most people don’t know that I do,” she said. “The silks and trapeze are pretty unique. They are really fun.” She has been working with the aerial arts for three or four years now.

Dillon runs birthday parties on the weekends and teaches classes during the summer. She also continues to do performances every so often.

Dillon considers her GSA leadership for the past two years the biggest thing she is involved with on campus. This year GSA has been undergoing major changes.

“It’s a really interesting transition we have been going through. Most of the other schools around the country with GSAs are not at all student-led. It’s usually facilitated by adults. But this year we are trying to transition to a more serious aspect, so we added Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Love,” she said.

Two teachers, both history teachers, would be taking over much of the administrative aspect, while Dillon continued to run the major events put on by the group, such as Coming Out Day and Pride Week. They just finished up a series of meetings and collaborations with the rest of the student body, trying to bring Chadwick together to discuss religion and how it pertains to LGBTQ students.

Dillon is waiting for the holidays to pass to pick back up and hit the ground running with major events and celebrations starting in early 2015.“I’m heading up more of the events and things, while the teachers are more ‘officially’ running things. They manage the day-to-day meetings and I get to organize the fun stuff,” she said.

Additionally, Dillon is really passionate about marine biology. “I’m taking both the marine biology class and AP biology this year, which is a lot, but I’m making it work. I love it. They’re both great classes,” she said. She hopes to continue her studies in marine biology next year wherever she attends college. Furthermore, from college, she hopes to work in a marine conservation field.

Dillon is really happy with her time at Chadwick and encourages others to make the most of their time here like she did.

“Chadwick has so much to offer, and you really can take every opportunity it throws your way,” she said. “It takes balance and communication, but I would never say that there’s something you can’t do here. If you want it go for it. Everything is here for you.”



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