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Volume 65 Number 2

Chadwick says a hard goodbye to its community mother

by Alison Sim - 2014-11-20


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For seven years, Elizabeth McLean served Chadwick as primarily the Middle School Administrative Assist, making sure students fulfilled their performing arts, visual arts and other requirements, but she helped in various other areas and participated in the Chadwick community as a mentor and friend.

“For parents, she was the conduit of information--whatever information needed about their child, they would start by going to her,” said Jeff Mercer, Director of Middle School.

But beyond the registration desk, McLean was an advisor, club advisor, and member of the Student Assistance team.

“It was really clear that she touched so many hearts of the students here,” Mercer said.

McLean moved on from Chadwick to pursue her dream working in her own business--providing women with quality eyelash extensions.

“I knew that if I didn’t take this chance that I would regret it. So I am following a dream and goal that I set for myself and it just came sooner than I anticipated,” McLean said.

Since January 2012, McLean began doing lash extensions and did this part time for 2 and a half years. She leased a studio in April and soon launched All Eyes on Me Lash Studio with previous clients and naturally, new clients started to come as well. According to McLean, she had planned to “graduate” with the senior class in June 2015, but more clients kept on coming to her studio, and she found herself not having any openings to offer due to her commitment to working at Chadwick.

“I worked hard to achieve this by going to night school last year and continued training by some of the best teachers in our industry. I still have a lot more to learn but I’m so excited about my new journey,” McLean said.


“She was our club advisor for Hispanic Culture Club, and she’d tell us stories and really support us and give us ideas and the opportunity to express ourselves.” --Lizbeth Lesdema, Junior

“She would bring her own spicy salsa, her own hot sauce, to Taco Tuesdays (our stuff wasn’t hot enough), and that was kind of a metaphor for who she was. She was always someone who could find fun in the most ordinary mundane stuff and bring the fun to us.” --Pete Nordlund, History Teacher

“It's interesting to me that though her job here didn't put her in a direct teaching position, she taught so many kids so much. On any given day, you could find a bunch of kids hanging out in her office asking her for advice on all kinds of issues, and she always responded with wisdom...and a dose of good humor.” --Kate Elortegui, English Teacher

“She was someone on campus that I could always go to for help with almost anything. From scheduling conflicts to just chatting about life Mrs. McLean was someone I always enjoyed talking to. She gave me amazing advice all the time and was someone I considered a friend on campus.” --Zoya Khalil, Senior



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