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Volume 65 Number 2

Diverse life experiences helped shape Goodspeed's career

by Olivia Powell - 2014-11-20


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Tom Goodspeed has no idea where he got his sense of wanderlust. He grew up in Michigan, attended college at Williams in Massachusetts, went on an archeological dig in France, attended graduate school in New Mexico, and taught at a boarding school in Hawaii--all before coming to Chadwick.

Goodspeed’s athletic interest began in high school.

“I played high school football and tennis, and in college I played quarterback and doubles on the varsity teams there,” Goodspeed said.

Goodspeed knew he wanted to stay involved with sports throughout his future, but he was unsure how to. Goodspeed majored in geology with a masters in Earth and Planetary Sciences and soon became a science teacher. Before attending graduate school, Goodspeed went on an archeological dig in France. He then attended the University of New Mexico.

“I went into teaching because I loved sports and science so much. I knew I wanted to continue to be involved with sports and teaching was a great way to do that,” Goodspeed said.

In addition to teaching science classes, he coached football, tennis, and basketball at schools in Hawaii. “Sports have always been a huge part of my life,” Goodspeed said.

At his second school in Hawaii, he was offered an athletic administration position and he began to get into the administration that we see him in today.

“Coaching these teams at schools like these kind of got me into the administration aspect of it all,” Goodspeed said.

After spending 18 years teaching and living in Hawaii, Goodspeed received a job offer from Chadwick.

“I do miss the teaching aspect of my job,” he said. “But when the job, which was a step up for me, opened up here I was really excited to come back to the mainland. Chadwick has such a great reputation, and I was excited to be a part of that.”

Serving as the athletic director at a school that centers its students’ lives around academics has given Goodspeed a unique outlook on athletics.

“I think it takes more of a global understanding of what’s going on here. I take more of a holistic approach,” he said.

Goodspeed designs his athletic programs around the core values, making sure to understand the lives that students are experiencing academically.

“I think that it’s really important that kids remain physically active. It allows for their brain cells to fire, it helps them to be better in the classroom, it teaches them to learn to budget their time, and it creates leadership roles--all things that embody Chadwick’s mission and core values,” he said. “It goes to revealing character, forcing kids to take risks, and helping them to discover who they are.”

He is proud of how the student body has responded to the weekly athletics reports sent out.

“I think there was a notion of how much was going on, but until the students started

receiving the summaries, nobody would come support. I think that I have greatly improved the communication within the student body and changed the dynamic of the athletic program at Chadwick,” Goodspeed said.

Goodspeed says his greatest success would be his creating better people through athletics. “I think that all of the lessons one learns on the court helps him or her to become a better

person in all aspects of life,” he said. “And that is what I think is the most important thing that I do.”



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