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Volume 65 Number 2

Making a splash: Speroni always at home, on the move in the pool

by Marie Bucklin - 2014-11-20


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Junior Zach Speroni plays for Chadwick’s Varsity Water Polo team and swims for Chadwick’s Swim Team. Speroni began swimming at the young age of 4 and has really took a liking to it. “I describe myself as an aquatic person, so I got the hang of (swimming) really quickly,” Speroni said.

Speroni took up water polo at around age 13 from the advice and push of his parents. “My parents really wanted me to try it, so I gave it a shot and really liked it,” Speroni said.

Speroni has been playing for the Trojan Water Polo Club team ever since. When water polo is not in season at Chadwick, Speroni plays club all year round. “We play all year and practice five times a week for two hours.” Speroni said.

Speroni’s club team participate in tournaments and league games throughout the year. The team placed 17th at the Junior Olympics this past summer. The Junior Olympics is a nationwide tournament for club teams of a variety of age groups where they all compete.

Speroni plays the position of driver/outside shooter, “I am a driver and an outside shooter. In my position I move a lot in the water and I don’t always stay in one area of the pool, I am always swimming. Usually, the drivers are not the biggest guys, but are able to move really quickly. My position is to swim and get the ball and if I have a shot I shoot from the outside.”

According to Speroni, “No specific position is more difficult than another. All of them are hard because water polo is such a demanding and difficult sport,” Speroni said.

Speroni’s favorite parts about water polo are the team aspect and the sport itself. “I like the team aspect. I like how you can build chemistry and become close with your teammates and it is a sport that I really enjoy,” Speroni said.

The team aspect of water polo is extremely important, “Having a good relationship with your teammates and knowing their strengths and weaknesses is really important for success on the field because we rely heavily on one another. ” Speroni said.

Speroni really enjoys playing waterpolo for Chadwick and is excited for next year, “The Chadwick team is really close and we have a young set a guys. We have a lot of potential. I can’t wait to play with them again next year,” Speroni said.

Speroni gives the sport total commitment at ten hours a week of practice plus weekend games and tournaments, “Sometimes the commitment that I have to make is difficult. You know, I’ve learned to balance my academic and athletic life, but there are nights where it does get stressful. But that is something that I just have to live with. I think it is completely worth it because I enjoy myself when I play.”

Speroni wants to continue to incorporate water polo in his life once he leaves Chadwick but is unsure where it will take him.



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