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Volume 65 Number 2

Round Square raises money with annual ping-pong tournament

by Marie Bucklin - 2014-11-20


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On Thursday November 13th the Chadwick Round Square Board held its third annual ping-pong tournament at Chadwick.

Students in the upper school had the opportunity to sign up for the tournament in pairs and represent a foreign nation. Often the nations would be made up from popular movies, such as Narnia.There were 32 different teams comprised of 63 students and one faculty member, math teacher and volleyball coach Michael Cass.

Seniors Greg Suman and David Seo, who represented the country of Rice Farmer’s United. Mr. Cass and junior David Ding, who represented the country of Flatland, were the runner-ups in the tournament.

As in years past, the tournament is used to raise money for the Prince Alexander Project Fund. The Prince Alexander Project Fund pays for supplies for the Round Square International Service Trips during the summer. “I wish I would’ve won the tournament, but (the Round Square Board) raised over $850, so I was happy with the fundraiser aspect,” said junior Kyle Civale, who is the co-chair of the Round Square Board at Chadwick.

According to the Round Square Website: “All Round Square Global Member schools fundraise for the Prince Alexander Project Fund every year. Last year, their efforts changed the lives of young people in communities around the world by paying for the building of,” many much needed community services such as, schools, classrooms, water-storage systems all around the world.

The tournament is held in the amphitheater during the week of advisor and student conferences in November in order to provide an extended amount of time to host the tournament. The amphitheater location allows many students to spectate in the stands. The event had a great turn out with a lot of spectators, according to Civale. To raise the money for the Prince Alexander Fund the Round Square Board sells Panda Express and raffle tickets to the students near the entrances to the amphitheater.

Students can bet on their favorite teams to win the tournament and out of that pool a winner is chosen to win a small prize. This year the prizes consisted of See’s Candie’s chocolate. The winners and runner-ups of the tournament also receive some chocolate from See’s Candies.



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