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Volume 65 Number 2

Senior Spotlight: You just do you, Chima Ochoifeoma

by Ekaterina Smith - 2014-11-20


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Senior Chima Ochoifeoma has been a Chadwick student since sixth grade and participates in a variety of activities on campus. He is known for his friendly but laid-back attitude.

Ochoifeoma is enjoying his senior year. “I really felt like the senior class just did a ton of bonding in the past month. You could sense the school spirit and how everyone was just like, ‘This is it--we’re seniors. We made it. Long live red,’” Ochoifeoma said.

Ochoifeoma has really enjoyed social events at Chadwick like senior class colors day and the homecoming dance. He thought that the new homecoming dancing area was a fun environment and that all the Chadwick students were genuinely invested in their costumes and homecoming askings. Moreover, he felt it was important to take a break from the usual senior responsibilities such as college applications, important extracurricular activities, and difficult classes.

“The homecoming dance was our last in high school as well [as other senior activities]. Everyone was feelin’ it because life is all about love, and love is life. We got to relax and not think about college apps and just live in the moment,” Ochoifeoma said.

He co-leads Black Culture Club with senior Victoria Ojetunde during Thursday G periods. During these sessions, they discuss black cultural trends and even watch television episodes from Black-ish, an ABC situation comedy about an African-American upper-middle class family.

“It’s cool how Victoria and Chima share a huge part of their life with the Chadwick campus through Black Culture Club,” senior Jessica Flowers said.

This is also his first year of doing cross-country as a fall sport at Chadwick.

“It’s really difficult and a big time commitment, but you feel so accomplished after a run. I really appreciate how hard it can be because I feel like I can achieve anything,” Ochoifeoma said.

In the spring, he’ll be doing another year of track. For his event, he does shot put.

“Picking up a twelve-pound iron ball and just, like, throwing it through the air feels good. Watch out for that 2015 track crew though. We’re ready to kill,” Ochoifeoma said.

He is also involved with the newly formed freestyle club and Yearbook publications. He is in charge of senior advertisements for the yearbook. Family members and even friends pay to put “advertisements” for their loved ones, and they usually involve pictures and quotes about the seniors.

“It’s an important job, and I really like being a part of this process because I get to see how loved these students really are. But it’s also fun to be the person who helps seniors have a great Yearbook to be remembered by and look back on,” Ochoifeoma said.

Even though he feels like senior year is the most challenging one yet in terms of time management and course load, he still enjoys some of his classes.

“My favorite class right now is probably econ. It can be hard to learn sometimes, but it’s so applicable in our lives, and I can see how what we learn in the classroom is all around us,” Ochoifeoma said.

He is excited for graduation and to learn what college he’ll be attending next fall. But at the same time, he doesn’t want to get too preoccupied with the future. He feels that he has to work hard, especially the first semester, but he won’t let the dread of senior year prevent him from living in the moment.

“You know, I’m just gonna do me. So to everyone out there, stay frosty and just do you, boo-boo,” Ochoifeoma said.



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