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Volume 65 Number 1

Lola Proctor: the new voice behind trendy fashion blog Wikfits

by Julianna Rossi - 2014-10-09


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Lola Proctor has a passion for fashion. Every day, she scans the halls, classrooms, and lawn at Chadwick to find someone who seems to be just as passionate about style as she is.

Lola Proctor, a sophomore, is the blogger behind Wickfits, a fashion blog which looks to point out “the most stylish kids in school.” The tumblr-based blog was started about two years ago by Chelsea Childress, who graduated last year. Proctor had been one of the followers of the blog, and asked Childress if she could run it when she graduated.

Wickfits is unique compared to other fashion blogs. “Students in the Chadwick Community can share their passion for fashion with me and I can share mine with them,” Proctor said.

This year, many students have made their way onto Wickfits, and an array of trends, people, and colors line the homepage of the site.

Since Proctor has taken over the blog, there has been an overwhelming response to it by the Chadwick community. “A lot of people have expressed interest to me that they want to be on the blog,” Proctor said. “People really enjoy Wickfits because it celebrates the individual style of many people, and its cool to see yourself on there. I was always anticipating the day I got to be on Wickfits.”

Proctor herself finds style inspiration from social media, magazines, models, and her blog. “I don’t dress to be the trendiest person, I dress my way because I like what I am wearing,” Proctor said.

Many people worry about what others think of their clothes or style, or try to be constantly on trend, but Proctor doesn’t worry about that.

For those of you who want to be on Wickfits, she gives a brief word of advice: “Don’t strive to be on trend. Strive to be unique, different, and creative,” Proctor said. Just be yourself, and you may find yourself posted on Wickfits as one of “the most stylish kids in school.”



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