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Volume 65 Number 1

My Secret Plaza for Amazing Noodles and Desserts

by Charlotte Wallace - 2014-10-09

For a foodie, being trapped in Palos Verdes is not ideal, but I keep myself entertained by constantly searching for new restaurants. I’m not talking about any restaurant though; for me a “good find” must consistently provide me with stellar meals.

I have recently discovered two “good finds” that escape the radar of many foodies, so you don’t have to make a reservation a week in advance. The best thing about these two places is that they are next door to each other!

As much as I hate divulging my local crowd-free favorites, Chadwick students in Palos Verdes desperately need new restaurants to break their “Ruby’s ruts.”

Both of these hidden gems are in a small plaza in Lomita. Don’t let the dull surroundings fool you! The little plaza is home of what I believe to be the best bakery and the best noodle house in the South Bay.

The first place I call “Noodle House” because the actual name is in Oumi Sasaya, . I love having a bowl of udon noodles on fall Friday nights. No bland Americanized udon here; the udon at the “Noodle House” is just as good, maybe even better, as the udon I ate in Japan.

For those of you who don’t know, Udon is a specific type of wheat flower noodle that is made into thicker noodles.

When you sit down, you are first served a quality piece of tofu topped with shaved green

onions. When you order your drinks, I recommend the green tea

For lunch, or dinner, you can never go wrong with the curry udon and the sweetened deep-fried tofu udon.

As amazing as the food is at the “Noodle House”, skip the dessert! The desserts are alright, but the bakery Chantilly next door is just too delicious to pass up.

As I mentioned earlier, I believe Chantilly is the best bakery in the South Bay…with no close seconds.

Chantilly combines the traditional French baking with modern and Japanese baking. All the desserts are almost too pretty to eat, and the cool modern décor of the bakery makes it a great place to enjoy your dessert with a cup of mocha.

The chocolate tart is one of the best desserts I have ever had. I confess that I almost ordered another one before my sister stopped me. The French macaroons are a close second to the chocolate tarts.

Some other popular deserts from the bakery include sesame cream puffs, fruit tarts, and macaroons.

If you’re not a fan of chocolate or macaroons the daily specials are always fabulous and worth a try. It is now time to put an end to the “Ruby’s rut.”

A dinner at “Noddle House” costs around $15 dollars per person, while the price of the pasteries hover around $6.

Next time you want to go out to dinner with friends, or even lunch with your Grandma, head to the hidden plaza for some tasty noodles and a chocolate tart!


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