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Volume 65 Number 1

New IDEALS Committee emphasizes collaboration

by Angela Piazza - 2014-10-09

The IDEALS Committee has been created to help bring different student-led organizations of Chadwick together, all using the ideals from Round Square. IDEALS stands for Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service.

“Although these are the IDEALS of Round Square, it is not a Round Square-specific group; Chadwick is a Round Square school because we already represent such IDEALS throughout Chadwick,” said Michelle Geller, a member of the Round Square Board of Directors.

Round Square is just one of many components of the IDEALS Committee. Others include Model United Nations, Peer Mentors, Outdoor Education Student Board, Student Council, Community Service Advisory Board, Athletic Council, Ecology Community, and the Student Inclusion Committee.

Each month, representatives from these student groups meet before school to discuss their group’s current goals and projects. For the second half of the meeting, they plan, collaborate and create overlapping projects, all the while supporting each other’s goals.

“While each group accomplishes meaningful things throughout each year, there wasn’t a way to support each other’s goals and initiatives and to make progress together,” said Lauren White, co-faculty advisor of the IDEALS Committee and Dean of Students.

Some of the mutual goals of the group include creating a speaker series for the Upper School, and creating an IDEALS Week for the Middle School during the spring semester.

The main goal of IDEALS Week will be to expose the eighth-graders, who will soon be the incoming freshmen, to the various opportunities that are outlined by the IDEALS.

As the incoming freshmen become more familiar with the organizations available to the student body, the committee is hoping to have devoted new members in the fall of the following year.

“We’re taking over the speaker series, and we are going to invite different speakers to build a curriculum that is supported by all the different student organizations,” said Ellen Furgis, co-leader of the Community Service Advisory Board.

“Like if we have a speaker about student health, for example, that’s something that the Peer Mentors could supplement and the other organizations can work together fundraising for this event. By trying to build a curriculum, we hope to add meaningful conversations to the Chadwick community.”

White and Chad Detloff, the Faculty Head of Round Square, are the two faculty advisors of the committee. They conceived the idea of a place where students had the means to perform valuable leadership skills in a much grander scale by bringing different student leadership groups together.

“One of the strengths in the Chadwick community is that students take such amazing jobs with their formal leadership roles,” White said.

One important aspect to note is that there is no further elected leadership within the IDEALS Committee; all of the representatives from each organization have an equal say in the committee’s agenda.

Although the school year has just started and only two meetings have taken place, students seem excited and appear to have faith in the structure of the committee.

“I’m excited to see what will happen with the board just because collaboration is so emphasized in the 21st Century,” Furgis said. “So it is great to see Chadwick promote a new type of collaboration on campus.”



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