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New school year means fresh start for Chadwick clubs

by David Ding and Olivia Powell - 2014-10-09


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The 2014-2015 Chadwick school year offers many changes to previous clubs, as well as clubs appearing on the scene for the first time.


The Spirit Club focuses on interaction in the Chadwick community, mainly through athletic events. The club is attempting to improve attendance and spirit at Chadwick’s games.

“I know from experience the feeling of making a winning shot and not seeing anyone there,” Spirit Club co-leader and sophomore Cecilia Myers said.

This year, the Spirit Club plans on advertising upcoming sporting events more, and encouraging more people to attend these games. This student-run club already has ideas for promotional events such as bringing music and food to games, creating T-shirts to pump school spirit, and organizing vans for away games. The club meets Monday lunch; the leaders are Myers and junior Jack Johnson.

“It’s just a club to get more people to come to the athletic events,” Myers said. “And to hold pep rallies and show our support for Chadwick. People don’t really go to the games that often.”


GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) is making a number of changes involving how the club operates. GSA will now be more faculty-run rather than student-run, but will still meet once a month.

“One thing that students wanted was more of a venue discussing the issues. It’s hard with a student-run group to really dig in to the really complex issues, and issues around campus, without some leadership,” GSA co-leader and history teacher Natalie Johnson said.

GSA is a club dedicated to discussing issues surrounding the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual) community. All students are welcome to attend these discussions. The many community events, such as the Day of Silence--a day where students remain silent in an alliance with LGBT students--will continue to be student-led, but Johnson, along with Jasmine Love, Chadwick Director of Multiculturalism and Inclusion, and French teacher Sebastian Merle will be the main faculty running the discussions.


Middle school club Make a Difference plans on continuing in the Upper School due to the success it achieved in its first few years. Club leader and sophomore Vikash Moody describes the inspiration for Make a Difference.

“I started it on the basis of one story of a sea star that was stranded on the beach, and this kid picked it up and put it in the water,” Moody said. “He ended up making a difference for that one he saved. Our goal is to make a difference one school at a time.”

Make a Difference has been planning many different types of events and fundraisers to support their main goal of making a difference. One fundraiser is a samosa sale. A samosa is a fried or baked Indian pastry with various fillings including potatoes. The money raised will be donated to help eradicate blindness in India. The club meets Thursday lunch in Ms. Love’s office.


Also starting this year is the Wick eSports Club. Club leader David Ding is impressed with the turnout. “More than 30 people each meeting,” Ding said, “and even more people are part of the club, but some don’t have time to attend the meetings. We have more than 50 members enrolled.”

The club hopes to create a community of gamers on campus. “The goal of our club is to bring out the nerdy side of the students,” said Ding with a laugh.

The club revolves around professional gaming. “We mainly focus on watching and discussing professional games. But we are also going to host tournaments with cash prizes, not only at Chadwick but at other schools in Southern California,” Ding said.

Ding hopes that the club will gain more popularity as the year goes on. The faculty advisor is math teacher Michael Cass.


Explore LA is a club making its debut this year. Just as the name states, Explore LA’s main purpose is to take trips to well-known and interesting cultural attractions in Los Angeles. The club plans to make monthly weekend visits.

“Well, it was [senior] Elizabeth Zak’s idea, I guess she is very interested in L.A. and it seemed like a fun thing to do to learn other cultures with people from other cultures,” co-leader and senior Dart Radell said.

The club is also led by faculty advisor Chad Detloff, Chadwick Director of Global Opportunities. Club members can also decide on trips they would like to attend, such as the Museum of Death in Hollywood. The club will meet Tuesday lunch in Roessler.



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