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Renovated Student Lounge highlights changes across campus

by Alison Sim - 2014-10-09


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A new year comes round for students, and Chadwick has prepared for just that with five new renovations for areas around campus: the student lounge in the library, the 900 buildings, the Margaret Chadwick Experiential Learning Center, College Counseling office, and the computer lab.

The lounge took a lot of coordination and communication between the Chadwick Parent’s Association (CPA), the Friends of the Library (FOL), the Administration, and the students.

According to Jen Borden, a interior designer and a Chadwick parent, the idea for changing the lounge started around five years ago in board and administrative meetings. Two students, Blair Horner ‘14 and Austin Welch ‘13, started to come to those meetings and lobbied for more funds because the original funds would not have covered all the costs of creating a new lounge.

Horner then created a competition for students to submit designs for the new lounge. However, the winning layout didn’t meet all the California codes, which have restraints on what kind of furniture is suitable for commercial or school purposes; as a result, Borden and Tina Kessaris, another designer and Chadwick parent, looked into more industrial, sturdier, and up to code furniture.

The student lounge is still in its first phase; the next set of furniture should arrive shortly, for the lounge is scheduled to be finished within the next two months.

“We are getting more [furniture]; there will be a lounge type seating in the middle of the lounge--a modular seating that could be moved around and made into one,” Borden said.

Phase one took place to ensure that the tables got in the lounge and fit; it also gave the designers a chance to look at the color schemes.

A couple of non-furniture changes have been made--for example, the purple carpet has been taken off the bench, and then replaced with a cushion.

The student lounge also features three brand new TVs. Rather than running reality, drama or other television series, the TVs are for academic purposes.

“Ted Hill wanted to it to be a international cultural center, where you could run the news feed from different countries,” Borden said. The TVs, however, can also mirror any smartphone or tablet device. David Harris, a Chadwick student who graduated last year, helped to do the IT for the TVs.

The lounge’s wall, where the three T.V.s are currently mounted on, was built to match the original wall inside the library ceiling down near the quiet section of the library.

According to Borden, the wood ceiling in the quiet section has been there since the library has been built, so the connection between the lounge wall and the ceiling helps to bring about an organic feeling to Chadwick. Jose Cortez, the Maintenance Mechanic, with the help of Miguel Lopez, Director of Maintenance, worked together to build the woodwork wall.

“We tried to meet California code, make it fiscally responsible, get what the students were asking for, and still make it look really nice,” Borden said.

For the other projects on campus, the CPA, FOL, Administration, and Board of Facilities and Design Committee worked together to complete them.

College counseling renovations began in January, but the rest of the projects around campus did not start until summer programs had finished in July. The time scale for the renovations was fairly short.

“We slammed all those projects together and redid all those rooms in about three to four weeks,” Bob Rule, Director of General Services, said.

But according to Rule, it was a total team effort that brought all the renovation projects together.

“Its good subcontractors, a good team here, and good planning on Miguel Lopez’s part who was running the individual jobs,” Rule said.

Down in the computer lab, Rule, Lopez and their team replaced new carpets, installed new sump pumps to keep water from coming into the stairwells and flooding the lab, and re-did and bought furniture for the new classrooms in the computer lab with the help with the CPA.

Renovations around campus also caused many offices to shift around.

The Margaret Chadwick Center for Experiential Learning, a new building near Chadwick’s library, holds the offices for Community Service, Global programs, and Outdoor Education.

Deborah Dowling, Assistant Head for Academic Affairs, came up with the concept of relocating those three programs together since they have most of their activities off the hill, so they could collaborate and group their energy together.

Besides building renovations and improvements, the technology department also worked to improve access points across campus for better internet use to support the students’ laptops and phones.

“It was a huge process of upgrading the wireless, and they did an awesome job,” said Rule. The department expanded and increased the bandwidth on and off campus.

The renovations’ main point was to improve the students’ and faculties’ experiences.

“The challenge for any institution like chadwick is to stay educationally relevant, how do make sure your classrooms continue to offer the students and teacher what they need to be able to teach,” said Rule.

“We want to make a nice place for the teachers to do what they do best, which is teach you, and we want you guys to be your best, so that you could go on and conquer the world. We’re here to support what goes on,” said Rule.



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