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Volume 65 Number 1

Senior Spotlight: The Honorable Liz Haile

by Ekaterina Smith - 2014-10-09


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Senior Elizabeth Haile is excited for the school-wide, grade and personal activities she has planned for the upcoming year. Being the first female Honor Council Co-Chair in 10 years, she particularly looks forward to her role in student government and its impact on the Chadwick community.

“[Even though] Honor Council has been a very much male-occupied position, I hope that my position here gets more girls excited about applying next year for leadership opportunities such as this one. I’m proud of all the girls in my grade who have taken on big roles at Chadwick this year,” Haile said.

Haile has wanted to be Honor Council co-chair since her freshman year. The excitement of having this role has been both rewarding and humbling for her. This year, she hopes to further extend the impact of Honor Council on the Upper School.

“The Honor Code was initiated by students, and therefore, should be upheld by them. The Honor Council want students to see that we should hold each other accountable for our own and each other’s actions. It’s important to take meaningful action because it creates a culture that fosters the sense of community that makes Chadwick so great,” Haile said.

Additionally, Haile wants to continue to remind students that Honor Council is at Chadwick to celebrate students’ good decisions.

“The Honor Council wants to continue to promote and celebrate the good decisions made by the student body on a daily basis through initiatives like Goodbars. We also hope to clear up confusion surrounding the Honor Council through mock cases,” Haile said.

Additionally, Haile is excited for Peer Mentors and her athletic activities.

In Peer Mentors, she likes being part of the Middle School Committee. During these Peer Mentor sessions, members answer questions and offer guidance to eighth-grade girls about high school, relationships and other relevant subjects. Her involvement in cross country, lacrosse and soccer has also heavily shaped her Chadwick experience.

Especially as a senior, Haile believes that she can enjoy all of her activities more so than any other year.

“I’m doing all the activities I’ve always wanted to do. I feel super-passionate about what I’m doing, and I’m thankful how the accumulation of my experiences has led me here,” Haile said.

She also likes the ease with which she can make friends from other grades as a senior.

“As a freshman, I was really nervous to talk to people from other grades. But this year, I can expand my friend groups and reach out to underclassmen,” Haile said.

She anticipates the upcoming milestones of senior year, such as Homecoming and figuring out what college she will attend next fall.

“Senior year is huge in terms of Homecoming. Decorating the night before Class Colors Day, all the grade bonding, and the school-wide unification and school spirit are some of the things I love most about Chadwick,” Haile said.

Haile also emphasized her commitment to not let the demands of school diminish her Chadwick experiences.

“I want to cherish my friendships and make memories that last me through college and later in life. I am making an effort to not being caught up in schoolwork, extracurriculars or college apps, and instead take time to hang out with my friends,” Haile said.

Haile looks forward to what lies ahead after high school. She would like to study systems engineering and possibly get her MBA, passions that combine her love for math, science and economics. Haile also wants to continue activities similar to Upper School, such as student government, an honor committee and various sports.

“The lessons I have learned about acting with integrity on a daily basis while here at Chadwick, I think will be important in college, as well as throughout the rest of my life,” Haile said.

“I will be faced with difficult decisions and will have the opportunity and responsibility to respond to those situations in the best way I know how. Also, taking on leadership positions here has given me the confidence that I can do the right thing in future situations, whether as a woman in engineering while in college, or in business later on in my career.”



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