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2014-10-09 - by David Ding - in News - Print

2014-10-09 - by Robert Mack - in News - Print

2014-10-09 - by Arianna Menzelos - in News - Print

New state law will protect students’ school information

California is poised to become the first state to enact a law thoroughly limiting the amount of student information that could be collected by schools through technology.

2014-10-09 - by Sara Platnick - in News - Print


New IDEALS Committee emphasizes collaboration

The IDEALS Committee has been created to help bring different student-led organizations of Chadwick together, all using the ideals from Round Square.

2014-10-09 - by Angela Piazza - in News - Print

Food for thought: Sweet and healthy vibe in cafeteria

In addition to class changes and campus renovations, the Chadwick Cafeteria joins the change cycle with some new dining experiences.

2014-10-09 - by Alison Sim and Ryan Ghanian - in News - Print

Chadwick expanding successful 1:1 iPad Village program

Chadwick’s Village School has extended its iPad program that will be continuing this year.

2014-10-09 - by Olivia Powell - in News - Print


2014-10-09 - by Mainsheet Staff - in Opinions - Print

2014-10-09 - by Kate McEvilly - in Opinions - Print

Zara: a fast-paced powerhouse on the rise

In 1963, Amancio Ortega started a business making housecoats and robes in La Coruña, Spain.

2014-10-09 - by Kylie Bronchick - in Opinions - Print

My Secret Plaza for Amazing Noodles and Desserts

For a foodie, being trapped in Palos Verdes is not ideal, but I keep myself entertained by constantly searching for new restaurants.

2014-10-09 - by Charlotte Wallace - in Opinions - Print


If You Ain't Beezin', You Ain't Steezin'

Disclaimer: The names used in this article are not representative of real people, and the events described are completely fictional.

2014-10-09 - by Austin Farris and Matt Sonnenblick - in Opinions - Print

All Students Are Equal, But Some Are More Equal Than Others

It was a hot Tuesday afternoon; PE had just ended, and we were walking back up to our cars when we thought of the essential question for our AP Gov unit: “What is the best way to create a just...

2014-10-09 - by Madeline Bogert and Jake Goldstein - in Opinions - Print


2014-10-09 - by Ekaterina Smith - in Features - Print

2014-10-09 - by David Ding and Olivia Powell - in Features - Print

View From the Lawn...observations from around our campus

Classrooms in Roessler remain vacated as the heat wave continues…

Club announcements have been more amusing -- shout out to Music Club and Surfing Club…

Congrats to...

2014-10-09 - by Mainsheet Staff - in Features - Print

Renovated Student Lounge highlights changes across campus

A new year comes round for students, and Chadwick has prepared for just that with five new renovations for areas around campus: the student lounge in the library, the 900 buildings, the Margaret...

2014-10-09 - by Alison Sim - in Features - Print


A Do’s and Dont’s guide for how to deal with seniors


Ask what schools they are applying to: The majority of seniors don’t feel comfortable sharing the list of schools they are applying to, but it can be uncomfortable to say that...

2014-10-09 - by Lindsey Waller - in Features - Print

Lola Proctor: the new voice behind trendy fashion blog Wikfits

Lola Proctor has a passion for fashion.

2014-10-09 - by Julianna Rossi - in Features - Print


2014-10-09 - by Mary Dawson - in Sports - Print

2014-10-09 - by Lindsey Waller - in Sports - Print

TMZ Sports: Attacking the Stars or Necessary Honesty?

In this day and age, many people have negative connotations when it comes to journalism.

2014-10-09 - by Mary Dawson - in Sports - Print

Spotlight: Star spiker Clare Lenihan gives Dolphins a lift

Sophomore Clare Lenihan has been playing indoor volleyball since the age of eight.

2014-10-09 - by Marie Bucklin - in Sports - Print


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