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Latest Issue: Volume 66 Number 6 (2016-04-27)


2016-04-27 - by Olivia Powell - in News - Print

Spring Dance Concert: “Do I Dare Disturb the Universe”

As the last dance concert of the school year, Chadwick Dance Company’s Spring Dance Concert served as a great platform for performers of all classes to interact and work with each other.

2016-04-27 - by Jenny Huh - in News - Print

Zika virus poses concern to world population

Just as the world is beginning to recover from the global destruction caused by the Ebola virus, a new virus has emerged in the Americas with just as much potential for catastrophe.

2016-04-27 - by Laura Goy - in News - Print


2016-04-27 - by Jack Johnson - in Opinions - Print

2016-04-27 - by Allison Westley - in Opinions - Print

Feeling the Bern: How Sanders ignited my political activism

About 11 months ago, I was still a junior in high school, doing my daily procrastination on the website Reddit, a site that features the most popular links and news articles of the day.

2016-04-27 - by David Ding - in Opinions - Print

Why I don't share my grades

During the first semester, I, along with my fellow Round Square delegates and members of Peer Mentors, proposed a new initiative regarding grade sharing in the Upper School.

2016-04-27 - by Arianna Menzelos - in Opinions - Print



2016-04-27 - by Amy Zhou - in Features - Print

Mack at the Movies: A few films to help keep stress out

As students head into the school year’s last couple of months, stress levels will balloon like frightened catfish.

2016-04-27 - by Robert Mack - in Features - Print


2016-04-27 - by Darren Ding - in Sports - Print

2016-04-27 - by Jeff Fellenzer - in Sports - Print

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