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Sinking gas prices send vibrations through America

Shockwaves have been felt by the energy industry after months of plunging oil prices, but there are implications for Chadwick as well.

2015-02-19 - by Robert Mack - in News - Print

2015-02-19 - by David Ding - in News - Print


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My favorite (and underrated) lunch spot

During most free periods, seniors (and some rule-breaking juniors and sophomores--yes, we know you do it, and, no, it is not OK) typically flock to the Peninsula Center mall, where students can get...

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Brandy Melville and the oatmeal problem

Brandy Melville makes clothing that is like a bowl of toasty oatmeal.

2015-02-19 - by Kylie Bronchick - in Opinions - Print

Peer Mentors respond to your FAQs

How do you view Peer Mentors?

2015-02-19 - by Lydia Krauss and Erin Nordlund - in Opinions - Print

Immigration and 8th-graders

Picture this: It’s a brisk Monday morning, and you have just finished your AP Chem quiz.

2015-02-19 - by Austin Farris and Matt Sonnenblick - in Opinions - Print

Staff Editorial: Hallmark tells us when to be thankful

Valentine’s Day has passed, but, of course, not without plenty of flowers, chocolates and cards given to that special someone for that particular day.

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View from the Lawn...observations around our campus

It’s hard to escape the sounds of drilling in the library due to the language classroom renovations…

Congrats to the boys’ basketball team for their 7-1 record and...

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CIF Recap: Teams advance after strong seasons

Boy’s and Girl’s Soccer

With a Prep League record of 7-1-1, the girls’ soccer team eased their way into the CIF-SS Division III playoffs.

2015-02-19 - by Mainsheet Staff - in Sports - Print

Taking a road less traveled into professional sports

Most 18-year-olds are preoccupied with playing for their high school teams, acting in a high school play, getting A’s in classes, or just finding dates to school dances.

2015-02-19 - by Mary Dawson - in Sports - Print


Erika Peterson: Solving the equation for softball success

Chadwick’s new varsity softball coach, Erika Peterson, has a primary goal: Spread the love of the sport to other high-schoolers and, ultimately, create a positive team chemistry and environment...

2015-02-19 - by Anthony Kim - in Sports - Print

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