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Latest Issue: Volume 65 Number 5 (2015-03-19)


2015-03-19 - by Marie Bucklin - in News - Print

2015-03-19 - by Anthony Kim - in News - Print

French Club bonbon sales helping to educate Rwanda orphan

The Chadwick French Club recently concluded another successful sale of bonbons, the fruit-flavored French candy, during the weeks leading up to spring break.

2015-03-19 - by David Ding - in News - Print

Chadwick sends students to spring break trips around the world

Chadwick’s annual spring break trips are right around the corner.

2015-03-19 - by Olivia Powell - in News - Print


Meet Barbara Najar: Chadwick's first communications director

Chadwick welcomes Barbara Najar, who recently began serving as the school’s first executive director of communications and marketing.

2015-03-19 - by David Ding - in News - Print


2015-03-19 - by Austin Farris and Matt Sonnenblick - in Opinions - Print

2015-03-19 - by Madeline Bogert and Jake Goldstein - in Opinions - Print

Why PCB Science curriculum falls short

The integrated Physics, Chemistry and Biology Science program at Chadwick, which began in 2010 while I was in the eighth grade, has become a reluctant part of many students’ Upper School...

2015-03-19 - by Ekaterina Smith - in Opinions - Print

What's the story? Sharing the power of words

When I first read Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying, I dismissed his notion that words cannot accurately express the human experience.

2015-03-19 - by Lindsey Waller - in Opinions - Print


Small plate celebration: R10 Social House

Small plates restaurants are always a good option for weekend dinners.

2015-03-19 - by Charlotte Wallace - in Opinions - Print

Staff Editorial: Thoughts on the college process as it gains speed

We cannot begin to describe and relate all of the questions we have had to dodge this year.

2015-03-19 - by Mainsheet Staff - in Opinions - Print


View From the Lawn... observations around our campus

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Josh Allen, class of 2012.

2015-03-19 - by Mainsheet Staff - in Features - Print


2015-03-19 - by Olivia Powell - in Sports - Print

Chadwick triple-threat athletes learn time management

At Chadwick, students constantly struggle to stay afloat.

2015-03-19 - by Arianna Menzelos - in Sports - Print

When the final score is not about the score

In sports, there are winners and losers.

2015-03-19 - by Mary Dawson - in Sports - Print

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